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My ex valentine

The year was 2012 and I was in a relationship. My parents I assumed weren't aware of my partnership.
So Valentine’s Day came by. She got me 14 gifts from the sky.
So I entered my building holding those gifts. Looking like a strongman with a swag in his fists.

Little did I realize seeing my mother in the distance. All of a sudden I got the feeling of an opposite effervescence.
You know moms how they smirk when you’re caught. I tried telling her nonchalantly, “Ha-ha...Mom look what I got”.
“Mom ah. Ah, I go… got a girl, a girlfriend... Who I was going to tell you about”. Then she showed me her phone… telling me “ this the girl? Just to clear my doubt”.
Now my mom was no high ranking policewoman. Just a normal humble human.
How could she have knowledge about my secret love life?. She was not on FB, Insta… or any other social media alike...

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